ProSolv CVIIS interfaces with Philips ultrasound software

“ProSolv CardioVascular, a FUJIFILM Medical Systems company, has interfaced its cardiovascular image and information systems (CVIIS) with Qlab, proprietary ultrasound software from Philips Healthcare. 

Facilities using Philips’ ultrasound systems will now benefit from the availability of Philips’ Qlab advanced 2D and 3D ultrasound quantification tools within the ProSolv CardioVascular application, delivering efficiency benefits for clinicians and enhancing the accuracy of diagnosis, said ProSolv.

Users can launch the Qlab application directly from the image while within the ProSolv CardioVascular application performing image review and reporting, according to the company.

ProSolv said the interface of Qlab version 6.0 and ProSolv CardioVascular will be available in July.”

Now the use of third party quantification tools is quite common in the world of Imaging Informatics, after-all, sometimes (well, most of the time), it makes absolutely no sense to reinvent the wheel.

In my own course of work, I too come across numerous request for interfacing to third party quantification tools, while the likes of Medis, 4DMSPECT or even Cedars are fairly easy as they are vendor neutral, the likes of what FujiFilm medical with Philip’s QLab have so far been extremely difficult to achieve – not technically but politically.

So this actually spells out good news for Cardiologists, imagine the flexibility of choices in choosing the third party quantification tool of your choice – be it vendor neutral or not without limitation on what Medical Imaging information system you are using.

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