Third ABII exam yields 87 new imaging informatics professionals

So there are now 270 CIIPs with 87 new CIIPs passing the 3rd American Board of Imaging Informatics (ABII) exam in back in March 2008.

According to the statistics,

  • The first ABII exam in June 2007 was passed by 99 of 103 candidates, a 96 percent pass rate.
  • The second exam in September 2007 was passed by 84 of 96 candidates, an 87.5 percent pass rate.
  • The third exam in March 2008 was passed by 87 of 103 candidates, an 84.5 percent pass rate.

I think the folks at ABII are fine-tuning their exams, the passing rate is going down from 96% to the recent 84.5 percent (I reckon the good old bell curve is at work).

If you are interested (and located in the US), the next administration of the ABII exam will be held Sept. 26, at Pearson VUE centers across the country. The deadline for applications is July 20.

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