More healthcare IT professionals needed for health IT adoption

While the job market is good for us in Healthcare Informatics (nope, working as a helpdesk or maintaining servers in a hospital does not count), I didn’t know that it was this good.

“As the healthcare system in the United States moves toward wider IT adoption, approximately 40,000 additional health IT professionals will be needed, according to a study presented to the House Steering Committee on Telehealth and Healthcare Informatics.

The results showed the “overall IT staffing ratio to be 0.142 IT FTE [full-time equivalent] per hospital bed. Extrapolating to all hospitals beds in the United States, this suggests a total current hospital IT workforce size of 108,390 FTEs.”

Granted that I’m not working in the US (and I most probably won’t, I still think the numbers above makes sense.

The article did have one point that I totally agree with

“The results make a more concerted research agenda essential to a better characterization of the health IT workforce and its job roles, required competencies and optimal education.”

Its about time my industry set the bar on professionalism, a lone ranger like me can’t do much.

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