Philips launches professional services portfolio for speech recognition

“Royal Philips Electronics has launched its services portfolio to enable its global network of SpeechMagic partners to access the company’s healthcare documentation support.

Philips said the aim of the portfolio is to facilitate the integration, deployment and support of the SpeechMagic platform while providing consultancy on productive medical reporting.

I like Philips’s SpeechMagic (where there are a few speech recognition software that I like), they are pretty good, but they do not solve all problems.

Maybe I should do an article on Structure Reporting, I think its a good topic (for both Radiology and Cardiology)

Support services can provide the knowledge and tools for system maintenance and fast resolution of technical issues, including training and workshops as well as standby and third-line support. Productivity services analyze end users’ working methods, evaluate results and user satisfaction, and provide recommendations to optimize workflows and processes, according to the company.” 

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