Siemens launches wireless healthcare asset management, tracking solution

“Siemens Healthcare has introduced its Asset Management Tracking (AMT) system that will enable healthcare personnel to monitor medical devices’ locations in real-time.

The AMT focuses on many issues that result from lost or stolen assets: patient care, cost reduction, workflow and regulatory, Siemens said.

AMT provides information on the location of medical devices via a web portal or pocket PC. Each product in the facility is tagged with the Ekahau Wi-Fi real-time location system tag.

When coupled with Archibus, an integrated suite of applications, the information about the product’s location is transmitted through a Wi-Fi network to the Archibus Executive Information System, creating a 360-degree view of the facility’s assets and equipment while maintaining historical use records, according to the company.” Source :

Asset tracking is very important, not only in revenue saving (from the hospital point of view) but also in ensuring patent’s safety, this includes

  • Reduce/prevent error rate
  • Reduce product recall cost (fake drugs)

There are many more benefits that a Asset Management System provides, the above article mentioned quite a few but I would like to recommend this article for a good read on the topic.

Enjoy 🙂

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