Implementing IT Solutions: Getting Physicians Onboard

“When implementing a health IT system or CPOE, a well thought-out training program is essential. Administrators, system administrators and physicians recommend the following steps

  • Aggressively sign physicians up for training.
  • Provide plenty of opportunities for retraining
  • Go to satellite and physicians’ offices.
  • Experiment with interim steps.
  • Beef up support staff.
  • Clearly identify support staff.
  • Bugs are inevitable.
  • Keep the directions posted and available”
  • Now I didn’t write the above (nope, its great stuff but I can’t take credit for this one), its part of this article and I think it is a good article to read (summarise alot of well know facts) on the Physician aspect of any healthcare informatics implementation.

    What I’d like to add on to the article is getting relevant Physician to be the ‘Champions’ in these implementation, it works.

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