Ramblings: Head Hunting and a promotion at work

Two nice things happened to me yesterday (there were some ‘bad’ things but…..)

Firstly, I got promoted.

Thats right, as of now, I’m the Cardiology (informatics) Product Manager for ASIA. (So instead of just ASEAN, I’m now covering the whole of Asia Pacific except Japan and India (due to their unique cultural requirements), just imagine the amount of opportunities awaiting in China…… whoa hoo!

Having said that, I didn’t get any pay increment (my MD told me its once a year) so the joy is only for the ‘recognition’ received.

Secondly, I got a call from a Head Hunter.

Granted that I’ve been headhunted for my past 2 jobs but still, being headhunted always make me feel good (the periodic job offer from friends/peers in the industry is also a good ego booster).

The ‘problem’ is, the job scope offered is 99% the same of my current position (not that I’m going to take the position anyway).

So that’s two good news I got for yesterday, its now time to get back to work, completing my MSc project, blog, do some research..

That’s it for now 🙂

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