McKesson updates web capabilities, vascular reporting of CVIS

The competition is slowly heating up.

McKesson showcased the new enhancements to its Horizon Cardiology cardiovascular information system (CVIS) at the 2008 American College of Cardiology (ACC) Scientific Sessions, the enhancements includes

  • Improved support for non-invasive vascular reporting
    (the feature is an extension of the single database design and includes support for more than 20 different vascular procedures)
  • New web client drives workstation functionality to the user via the web
    (allowing for batch downloading of studies and gives the end user a choice of compressed or uncompressed DICOM images based on the bandwidth available)

Personally, I’m not too sure about the downloading neither compressed or uncompressed DICOM images off the web. Granted that its a useful feature (and I’m sure alot of users wants it) but think about the amount of bandwidth its going to take.

Personally, I would trend carefully on this feature, explaining peformance lag by telling users that its due to image download might get one abit of flak, worst still, taking a feature away after showing it around (I was a PACS administrator, I know……. )

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