Cleveland Clinic to deploy Siemens cardiology PACS enterprise-wide

Alright! Now we have Siemens Healthcare in line.

Siemens Healthcare has signed an agreement with the Cleveland Clinic to deploy their syngo Dynamics cardiology image management and reporting solution.  The deployment, which will begin in mid-2008, will enable Cleveland Clinic physicians and staff to read, archive and distribute images and information acquired from more than 90,000 echocardiography procedures, 32,000 cath lab procedures and 59,000 vascular studies each year.

The agreement will help Cleveland Clinic covers;

  • A completely paperless digital cardiology model
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities (using Digital Structured Reporting)
  • Data migration of images
  • Digital conversion of report data coming from echocardiography, cath lab and vascular imaging systems, which has been acquired at various Cleveland Clinic sites.
  • Collaboration for development and testing of improvements to and future versions of syngo Dynamics

Now that is one sweet deal that Cleveland is getting, I just hope they are not being used as a ‘pilot testing test bed ‘ ….. 🙂

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