Ramblings: DELL Enterprise Solution Seminar

I attended a DELL seminar on Enterprise Solutions back on the 28th March, it covered 3 topics,

  1. Green IT
  2. Vitalisation (and how it saves the planet – see point 1)
  3. Unified Communications

In all honestly, I didn’t think much about Green IT until the seminar and it makes sense, IT industry is the number one ‘curprit’ in producing waste, carbon, cooling, electricity consumption etc. I’m glad that DELL is doing something about it (I just wish I could contribute more in this area too)

The other 2 topics was of much interest as I personally think (and have blog on it several times, since GOD knows when) and I do feel that the time have come for both technology to be deeply integrated into Healthcare Informatics. Personally, I feel that the best company to do this is Microsoft.

Think about it, Microsoft have the full range of products / solutions that can effectively provide an integrated solution (starting from Active Directory) and for sure, they can play the ‘price’ war if they want to (they own the OS, the database – SQLServer, the email portal – Exchange etc etc).

So will Virtualisation and Unified Communications come soon enough for Healthcare Informatics (not the surface layer but deeply integrated), I’m looking forward to what Microsoft have to offer for their next generation of Almaga suite.

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