Ramblings: I’m back

First thing first, I must say it was a wonderful break the daily rat race. For 5 whole days,

  • I had no access to the Internet (ok, I paid AUD $2 for 15 minutes access on day two)
  • I did not watch TV
  • I went to the beach 4 times (and I now know why they call it Surfers Paradise! )
  • I had minimum phone calls (I had 7 calls in total on the weekdays. 6 on work, even though they knew I was on leave, 1 from the bank……)
  • I spend lots of time with my baby gal (who is coming to 11 months old now)

In short, it was simply an amazing break, I spent the last day (Easter Sunday) sitting by the beach watching the waves, it was just amazing.

Ah well, I’m now back in Singapore and clearing emails from work is making me wish that I’m back in Australia….. ah well, such is life !

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