PACS provides platform for new ways of working

As the title indicates, the installation of a PACS opens up new possibilities on how one can work in the imaging department (be it Radiology, Cardiology or ‘X’iology).

Many might think that the selection and installation of a PACS is a challenge but installing a PACS is just the first step what really matters is how the technology and infrastructure is utilised. While a PACS was previously adopted to streamline daily workflow, add value to reporting services, and act as a useful resource for education and training, the current generation of PACS are supposed to help a hospital manage its entire radiology operation.

To quote Michael Trambert, MD, lead radiologist for PACS re-engineering of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital :

“The situation isn’t much different from what most of us face on our personal computers. Computers have opened whole new worlds of information, media, and networking possibilities for us.  Yet, few of us know how to do more than a few rudimentary operations on our home system, no matter how user-friendly it is. If we were competent at everything our computer could do, we would have exponentially more power at our fingertips.”

I totally agree with Michael, very few PACS installations has seen its full potential simply due to

  • The lack of awareness on what it is possible
  • Fear of changing what currently works (adopting a paper based workflow for a digital solution)
  • Lack of clinican champions to spearhead such initiatives (in relationship to lack of awareness)
  • Politics (ya, this one is always tricky, especially when there is power grabbing and job security concerns involved)

However, fear / delay / ignorance will not change the inevitable, the digital era (for healthcare) is here and it will not go away (shooing it will not work). Effective use of Healthcare Informatics will propel the healthcare and medical industry to greater heights.

I promise that 🙂


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