Google CEO unveils Google Health

HIMSS 2008 (Orlando) is indeed churning out lots of interesting updates 🙂

If you noticed, I didn’t really blog much on HIMSS 2008, this is mainly due to 2 reasons;

  1. The HIMSS08 Online Daily provides rather comprehensive updates on the daily ongoings
    (no point reposting just for the sake of blogging)
  2. I’m not there at HIMSS 2008
    (but I’m doing my part here, contributing to the industry by trying to ‘raise the bar’)

But this is something I would like to mention – Google CEO unveils Google Health at HIMSS 2008.

Granted that is no real ‘hush hush’ on Google Health (information and news of it are floating off the Internet since ‘the middle ages’) but there were never really formal announcements on it either.

Now I’ve been talking  ‘a little’ about the recent efforts by Microsoft and Google in making ‘an entrance’ into the Healthcare Informatics arena and I must say, although Microsoft is now officially ‘a player’ (with the Almaga product suite), I reckon Google is not left far behind (I am waiting to see what innovative ‘freeware’ Google is going to offer for the Clinical Information Systems segment).

And with the recent news on both Google and Microsoft working with establised medical institutes (Mayo Clinic and  Cleveland Clinic) sparking off heated debates / concerns on privacy issues (they are already shaping the course of Healthcare Informatics), it is indeed very exciting to see what directions each ‘breeze of wind’ brings.

I think both Google and Microsoft have more cards up their selves, I just hope that this will not result in another ‘e-commerce bubble burst’ due to the hype that will be generated (read my blog entry on “IT Giants Jumping onto the Bandwagon”).

Still, the overall sentiments are positive – the industry is moving forward!


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