Project management offices offer planning expertise

I must be hitting my buttons right (I reckon its about time to polish up the resume of mine).

“When healthcare executives complain IT projects are failing; absence of a defined, uniform and enforced project management process is the likely cause,” said Robert Case. (Did you know I’m a certified IT Project Manager?)

This article touches on an importance aspect that is often ignored in implementing Healthcare Informatics solution, I embarked on authoring an article (I will resume on it sometime soon.. )examining the areas of improvement traditional modalities vendors must undertake in order become a true (and effective) Healthcare IT solutions company and one of the areas is Project Management.

This article effectively covers most of the points but in my humble opinion, it basically sums up to two important points

  1. Appointed a implementation champion (preferably a clinician with official authority)
  2. Have a Project Manager that controls staff resources; makes decisions on timeline, scope and budget changes; provides project inventories and status reports; and develops and assures project management criteria compliance.

And to quote the Managing Director of my present job, “A Project Manager is not to be liked, he/she is to be respected”

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