Kolodner: Health IT is not a magic bullet; needs help and personal perspective

“The future of healthcare is the delivery of care—better health (prevention rather than responding after onset of a chronic condition), coordinated care (barriers to care at multiple sites eliminated), convenient care (widespread telecare and telemonitoring) and increased self care”

“My point is that [a transformation] can be done in healthcare, and the only way to succeed is to work together to figure out what we need to do to improve quality care and the healthcare continuum” 

Now these aren’t my quotes, they are words of wisdom by Robert M. Kolodner, MD, national coordinator, Office for the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. While one might seek to differ as it states the obvious, one should work in the Healthcare industry to gain a feel of what going on at the ground level.

Most folks working in a hospital have this perception that implementing an informatics solution is just ‘plug and play’ and when installed, it would somehow miraculously put everything in order, thats not all, they also expect everything to run by itself, no maintenance nor fuss. Sad to say, it ain’t so simple mates.

A technical implementation can only bring one so far, if it is not ‘accept’, then progress, growth and improvement will not happen, this brings back again to the importance of educating not only the technical and business people on the benefits (operation, technical and $$$) but also the masses on how it will improve healthcare as a whole which in return, benefits them.

One can read the rest of Robert ‘s speech here.

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