Ramblings: CIO Summit Asia 2008

As a member of the Australia Computer Society, I was extremely fortunate to be selected to attend the CIO Summit Asia 2008 (held in Singapore on the 3 – 4 March).

The funny part is, the event is also endorsed by the Singapore Computer Society (these are the only 2 endorsing societies) which I’m also a Full member but I got ‘sponsored’ by the overseas society to attend the local conference instead. Funny how things works.

Extracted from the official website,

” The CIO Summit Asia 2008 is a unique event for IT Leaders from all industry sectors. With the roles and responsibilities of a Chief Information Officer constantly changing this Summit is designed to address the most topical and relevant issues to a growing organisation. The format allows a IT Leader in 2 days to gain the information that will give their business competitive advantage and longevity through a series of keynote speakers and on-to-one business meetings with suppliers, which are relevant to their business models and needs.

Be part of the only event in Singapore that guarantees one-to-one business meetings plus 2 days of premier networking with 100 of Asia’s leading and most dynamic Chief Information Officers and IT Leaders from expanding enterprises in an exclusive five star environment”.

I like attending conferences (and I love to present papers in conferences) because I truly believe that one can learn alot from a well structured / define industry conference and the best part is, you get to meet like mind individuals and you never know what sort of collaborations (be it commercial or not) may result from it.

While a CIO conference might not be the most interesting conference to attend, it would be interesting to keep myself updated on the thoughts of leading CIOs (there are a few CIOs from Healthcare establishment on the keynote speaker list) as to better design solutions that meet their needs.

Stay Tune as I will post more details on the CIO Summit Asia 2008 in due time. 🙂

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