Healthcare reform must include IT issues

“Members of the Health IT Now Coalition and the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) urged Congress to move ahead with health IT legislation such as the Promoting Health Information Technology Act. The bill would establish a public/private group to recommend health IT standards and certification and would budget US$163 million a year for health-care providers to adopt health IT products, such as electronic health records”

This particular quote from Nancy Johnson (co-chairwoman of the Health IT Now Coalition) somewhat ‘amuses me “Health technologies can help improve health-care quality, reduce costs and encourage changes in treatment”. While she is stating the obvious, it would seems to be that the general masses in the healthcare setting sees Healthcare Informatics as something not necessary – simply because they do not see the benefits of it (hence why this web portal exists).

The article also touches on interoperability and privacy concerns which I think are just as important as adopting a good solution (I’m thinking of doing an article on JCAHO or JCI accreditation, time to review my editorial calender).

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