SIIM announces educational efforts, new web pages

Looks like our ‘cries’ have been heard, the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine has expanded efforts in imaging informatics, especially the the need for educational resources and study materials for imaging informatics professionals.

The society has established an educational advisory network and has developed educational courses and materials. The SIIM board of directors has approved and released a position statement on IIP education and ABII certification.

An article from pacsweb, SIIM and ta collaborative educational advisory network team has completed educational learning objectives for each of the 10 domains of the test and will increase the amount of information about each domain as part of educational efforts. More details can be found in the society’s new Imaging Informatics Professional section on the SIIM website.

My only ‘displeasure’ is – why is the educational advisory network limited to only US and Canada professionals?

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