Ramblings: Resuming my studies (v2)

Back on Nov 2007, I mentioned that I’m resuming my studies and as part of the graduation requirements, I’m have to complete a research project and what better focus is there than Cardiology informatics in ASEAN 🙂

My paper will be “Industry Research – Cardiology Informatics” (more information here, I back dated the post so it does not appears as a ‘latest’ blog entry) and I will author an article on the topic once I have sufficient data (aren’t you folks lucky 🙂 )

I hope to warp up this project (and the entire MSc) by June 2008 as I might embark on another Master programme in (perharps) October, more details to be shared later.

Wish me luck (and lots of ‘spare’ time to blog)


About Adam Chee

Health Informatician
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