Ramblings : Spring Cleaning

Chinese New Year is coming (in about a weeks time) and, I’m performing Spring Cleaning for my house.

I personally think that an annual Spring Cleaning is a great idea, it provides an opportunity for one to examine and clear out stuff that are no longer needed. In addition to old clothes (I’m gonna send them to the Salvation Army), I’ve managed to clear half a (big) bookshelf worth of books – IT related books.

Its amazing how much books I had keep that I don’t really use anymore – Infrastructure, ‘Millions of’ Networking titles, OSes (various flavors), Databases (various flavours), tons of Security related titles, Certification books (Tons of Microsoft and Cisco titles), Web Design, Project Management, Network Storage and even academic titles like System Analysis and Designs! (Did I mention a title on Advanced Calculus?)

And was I glad I decided to clear these books, don’t get me wrong, its not that these titles are outdated or that I’ve memorised every word in them (well, I still remember most of the concepts I learned and there is google if I need a quick reference or update) but I need to clear some space for my next course. Not the MSc Computing that I’ve decided to complete, but a new program that I’ll share with you folks once I’m firm on taking it (I was encouraged by my Managing Director to take it with full support (financially and resources) from my employer. However, that’s another rambling for another time.

Till my next blog 🙂

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