Healthcare IT execs and marketing execs not on same page

Accordingly to a report from HIMSS Analytics and O’Keeffe & Company, a marketing consulting agency, there exist a disconnect between healthcare IT marketing executives and their customers – healthcare IT purchasing decision makers.

The study mentions the following points

  • The study showed that functionality is the most important criteria for healthcare IT execs in their decision process (77 percent) versus only 57 percent of marketing execs.
  • Marketing execs consider price to be of more concern (57 percent) compared to 44 percent of healthcare IT execs who consider price the most important criteria.
  • Marketing execs commit only five percent of their budgets to facilitating peer-to-peer communication which is at odds with 72 percent of healthcare IT execs who think their peers are the most influential information sources.
  • 70 percent of healthcare IT executives consult with four or more sources when researching a new technology investment, while approximately one-half of marketing executives report that less than 50 percent of their tactics are part of multi-channel programs.

Having work on both side of the fences (hospital and vendors, well actually, also on the consulting side, so thats the middle of the fence) I find this article rather amusing but very true.

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