Ramblings: What a week!

Yes, it has been a long and tiring week for me, not only at work but in almost all aspects of my life.

Request for Proposals and demo sessions have occupied most of my time with remaining daily ‘to dos’ creeping up on the rest, I didn’t even touch a book this week (nor last week) and had missed seeing my baby gal on two mornings, had not washed my car for 3 weeks and I’m too tired to even think what else I didn’t do (although the pile of bills lying on my table are ‘glaring’ at me)

Busy week indeed but hey, thats life, I reckon that next week will be better, I’m taking 3 days off to do some spring cleaning (but a looming tender response is most probably going to ruin it) as its going to be Chinese New Year in less than 2 weeks time (and I’ve not started on my preparations yet). I’ll also have to make some time to login to RadRounds.com, seems like something is brewing nicely over there.

Such is life in the fast lane! Whoa Whooo!

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