Don’t Forget to Laugh!

Now this is an interesting piece from

To quote the article “The answer is “yes,” if you want to work with a more productive team, increase patient satisfaction, improve staff recruitment and retention, and increase overall job satisfaction. Even though we take our jobs seriously, we need to also remember to take ourselves lightly.”

I actually do believe in the above quote, to the extend that I practice it myself in (almost) all aspect of life (well, the drawback is sometimes people take you lightly too, but that just motives me to excel further). I think humor, especially the ability to laugh at oneself is important in keeping our sanity at this age in time. 🙂

For those who don’t know, I did an Advanced Certificate in Teaching English to Young Children many years back (I’m an eternal scholar) and for my “graduation paper”, I wrote a mini paper entitled “Humor in TEYL – Reducing Classroom Anxiety” (I did a quick search off goggle and actually found it here).

Anyway, back to topic. As the saying goes “Laughter is the best medicine” and I take great lengths to ensure I include humor into presentations, be it speeches, lectures, sales / management presentations, I think humour is useful in many many situations and accordingly to this article from UMM, laughter is good for your heart.

Maybe its time to incorporate laughter as a treatment for cardiac diseases 🙂

So lets laugh more, make the world a better place while keeping healthy!

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