Ramblings: I’m back :)

Alright, I’m back from my business trip (this one’s quite enjoyable actually) and I am getting excited about the developments of Healthcare Informatics in Asia.

We all know that China and India are moving head on (with huge potential) to adoption of Healthcare Informatics and countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are constantly moving forward but during this trip, I had the opportunity to discuss in length with people from Vietnam, Philippines etc and I can assure you, they are hungry for the knowledge (which is a good driver for adoption).

Some countries that have caught my attention so far are Hong Kong (well, they are technically part of China), Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Philippines. There are many other countries that shows tremendous growth and potential (for the vendors who are reading, The growth is here in Asia) but I guess some are more interesting than others 🙂

So what am I’m going to do about this? Well, this web portal is basically about healthcare informatics evangelism and I do hope the contents (as well as future contents) can be of use to these countries.

Its an exciting year ahead for Healthcare Informatics and lets make it a good one.

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