Second ABII exam yields 84 new Certified Imaging Informatics Professionals

Well, it seems that 2nd Certified Imaging Informatics Professional (CIIP) exams conducted by the American Board of Imaging Informatics (ABII) back in Sep 2007 produced 84 CIIPs. According to this article, the first exam (beta) successfully produced 99 CIIPs, so in total, there are now 183 CIIPs and the next exam is on the 28th March 2008- available only in the USA.

As some of you folks might know, I’ve been trying to spearhead a Healthcare Informatics Certification locally (Singapore) and hopefully when it matures, to the region (ASEAN) but it has been a long and difficult journey. I believe that this is the right time to shape the healthcare informatics scene (in my region), the entire industry is evolving and the potential for growth is right here in Asia.

However, as with all things voluntary, it takes time and effort not only on my time but also the help of others. A certification developed by Adam would most probably be deem as valuable by a few individuals who knows me personally but a certification developed by Adam with a professional society, now that’s something worthwhile. The trouble is, my counterpart is not only busy but not very willing to launch a certification that will shape the industry (well, he has his concerns, mostly political. I don’t blame him).

So will this certification work out? I’m not sure myself, but if it doesn’t, I’d most probably work with the overseas bodies, I personally find that things tends to move smoother and faster.

Lets hope 2008 will be a good year for Healthcare Informatics (among many other things 🙂 )

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