GE launches health IT educational program

It seems that GE Healthcare has created a vendor netural educational program for biomedical and technical professionals with the aim to to enhance their knowledge of IT concepts for healthcare. 

The curriculum has supposely identifies;

  • IT skills critical to servicing and supporting today’s integrated and networked medical devices
  • Healthcare-related IT skills that biomeds need to quickly diagnose problms that affect workflow and quality patient care
  • The differences between patient information workflow and healthcare enterprise workflow

The foundation course for example, explores the fundamentals of connectivity with hands-on labs (not simulations) for students to build and troubleshoot flat, switched, routed and wireless networks. I personally think that taking a Cisco certified training program makes more sense when it comes to learning networking (better still, get a IT degree that covers networking and work in the field for a couple of years).

Interestingly, with Microsoft acquiring GlobalCare Solutions (GCS), I can’t help but wonder if there will be a Microsoft Certified PACS Administrator coming up any time in the near future.


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