PACS simulator preps residents for call

This article from PACSWeb caught my attention, allow me list down a few points of the article to illustrate my thoughts (please read the article in case I take it out of context);

  • “residents practice in reviewing and interpreting call-like cases independently, without placing patients at risk of misinterpretation”
  • “this approach is a step toward a competency-based practice of radiology”
  • “the simulator could also standardize resident education”
  • “by using the simulator, each resident can interpret a case and learn of the specific findings”
  • “to gain competency for new modalities such as cardiac CT, and to test oneself”
  • “this is the most important aspect of the simulator because it allows the user to interpret the entire case in a manner identical to typical practice”

It seems like PACS has finally passed the stage of being ‘an integral part of radiology’ to becoming part of ‘the fundamentals’ of radiology!

Exciting  times indeed mates, I can foresee PACS vendors rushing off to develop / polish up their teaching PACS (as well as sales strategy), there is a huge market opening up for PACS – Medical Universities.


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