I’m going to take yet another course – ECG

Yup, that’s right, on top of the usual ‘pile’ on my lap (including completing the project for my MSc Computing by May 2008), I’ve decided to take a course on Electrocardiogram (ECG) in order to raise my proficiency on cardiac related clinical issues (I’m have a ‘thing’ with ‘knowing everything’ related to my job)

So why ECG? Well, I can’t do any clinical course on a extremely high level without a medical or nursing degree and ECG will help me understand more on the aspects of cardiology that is not inter-related to radiology (I thank GOD for letting me spend 4 years in a radiology department).

I trust that the knowledge to be acquired will not only serve me well in my professional career but also my personal life as well as for binaryhealthcare.com

The only drawback, it seems like all my time and money is going into ‘educating’ myself!

Adam – ‘The Enternal Scholar’

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  1. PQRST says:

    Good thing! I think attending the ECG course will be a good investment. And the best of all is that ECG intepretation is (for me at least) extremely interesting and addictive. Once I started to understand the concept, I was hooked. Check out this blog for good tutorials: http://clinicalcases.blogspot.com/2004/01/ekgs-with-dr-koch-its-not-only.html

    Also, I run an ECG blog myself where I present interesting ECGs that I interpret. The address is: http://ecgblog.wordpress.com

    Good luck!

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