Happy New Year & 25 years of TCP/IP

I caught this off Google and I must say, it is indeed something worth celebrating.

On 1st January 1983, 400 computers where connected to the ARPAnet (belonging to the U.S. Department of Defense) and communicate with each other using TCP/IP, it was this event that set the standards upon the Internet as we know today.

The Internet has serve as an enabler of change to several industries (including ICT itself) and in my humble opinion, it will revolutionise the Healthcare industry (read this article) and most importantly, I believe it will continue to serve as an enabler to bring modern civilization to a new heights. (I’m patiently waiting for IPv6 to be deployed to the masses),

With this, I’ll like to ‘raise a toast’ not only to the new year but also to celebrate 25 years of TCP/IP.

Adam Chee W.S


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