Study: Investing in health IT, incentive plans could save $456B

Alright, this is actually a “no-brainer”, I doubt if any one ever questioned if investing in effective healthcare informatics ever help saved money, but nevertheless, I still recommend one to read this article. Also, this particular sentence caught my attention;

“the report estimates that $88 billion could be saved by accelerating healthcare providers’ adoption of health IT that would allow them to share all patient health information with the other healthcare providers involved in the patient’s care.

Although it seems to suggest that the solution to all problems is an unified Electronic Medical Record – EMR (and it is not wrong), one must understand that without ancillary systems pumping patient’s data to the EMR, there will be no “sharing of patient’s health information with other providers”.

I guess I need to sit down and finish my article illustrating the differences and relationship between EMRs, Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Clinical Information Systems (CIS) ……… among many other articles/whitepaper 🙂

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