Christmas is coming!

That’s right, it is officially 10:40am on the 19th Dec 2007, 6 more days to Christmas.

I’m happy in a way, stressed in way. Happy because its going to be Christmas (need I say more?) Stressed as there are still so much to do, in terms of both professional work as well as Evangelism work.

I reckon I’ll take a break once Christmas Eve comes and relax for a few days before I go into a planning frenzy in order ‘to get 2008 right’ 🙂 This happens every year, I firmly believe in having good plans with ‘Backup, Backup Backup’, however, it seems that most of the time, I’m fighting someone else’s ‘fire’.

“The lack of planning on your end does not constitute to an emergency on mine” doesn’t seem to apply when you are a solution / service provider, especially when the solution / service you are providing happens to saves lives. Having said that, I’m still glad I’m in the Healthcare Informatics industry, it really is a ‘good place to be’, I just hope that my job evolves around my hobby – Healthcare IT Evangelism 🙂

I hope to do more in 2008, not only in terms of my career but also in terms of my education (I’m always studying), Family (My daughter is starting to crawl!) and raising the bar in Healthcare Informatics, but as of now, I will need to sit back and relax, enjoy the holiday seasons. After-all, Christmas is coming!

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