Barco launches Coronis Fusion – 6MP color display for PACS imaging

During the recent RSNA, Barco announced the Coronis Fusion –  a 30-inch, widescreen, bezel-free, color display that can be used as two seamless 3 megapixel (MP) heads or one widescreen 6 megapixel display.

I think this it is an overkill but I believe that imaging technology will find a way to utilise the technology or use it as an enabler to go further, but here’s what puzzles me – this multi-modality display is not designed for mammography as ACR recommends that mammography displays be tilted towards the user for reading. This is a feature the Coronis does not and will not have as “Barco has no intention of going toward mammography with this one”.

The benefit of the Coronis Fusion however, is that it has the same luminance and life as a grayscale display. This might translates to a workflow optimisation as both grayscale and color studies can now be read on a single, multi-modality, high-resolution display. However, this largely depends on the workflow of the adopting institute as “no PACS system is the same” 🙂

For more information, read the article here.

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