Agfa Healthcare Selects Sun Systems to Power Integrated Healthcare Imaging Solution

I do not usually just post on something that is out in the news but here goes.

“Agfa Healthcare has chosen to use Sun infrastructure for its IMPAX digital imaging platform with the integrated visualization solution from Barco”  (Read more here)

Firstly, lets start with explaining what IMPAX is. During the recent RSNA (2007), Agfa HealthCare highlighted their solutions imaging informatics for clinics, imaging centers, hospitals and regional healthcare enterprises with a new set of IMPAX suites;

  • IMPAX Enterprise Suite:
    For the multi-site healthcare enterprise and Integrated Healthcare Delivery Networks operating in multi patient id domains
  • IMPAX Hospital Suite
    For the hospital that needs integrated multiple specialties and disciplines
  • IMPAX Imaging Center Suite:
    For Imaging Centers and radiology practices
  • IMPAX Radiology Suite:
    The solution that focuses on the self sufficient radiology department
  • IMPAX Cardiovascular Suite:
    Focusing on the specific needs of the cardiology department
  • IMPAX Orthopedics Suite:
    Dedicated to the orthopedic requirements for planning, measuring and simulating within a digital imaging environment
  • IMPAX Mammography Suite:
    Solving the imaging, workflow and reporting needs of Diagnostic and Screening Mammography

Now the entire portfolio of products seems to span across a wide spectrum of the Healthcare enterprise, if Agfa’s infrastructure of choice is Sun, we can expect to see a high level of penetration into the Healthcare Industry for Sun in the near future as Agfa has some really good products.

So now, I’m going to keep my eyes on both Microsoft and Sun Microsystem, the entrants of these two giants (among the many others) will definitely make Healthcare Informatics ‘leaning, meaner and stronger’!

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