GE buys Dynamic Imaging

Alright guys, GE bought Dynamic Imaging (read here for more). So whats happening in the Healthcare IT industry? First Stentor was acquired by Philips (who replaces their existing PACS with it), now GE buys Dynamic Imaging. Will they re-badge it as Centricity? I certainly think so.

As mentioned in a previous post – “IT Giants Jumping onto the Bandwagon“, the big players in the world of IT are moving into Healthcare Informatics, I guess this adds serious pressure for existing solution providers (especially the ‘big boys’) to ‘raise the bar’ in catching up with technology and I guess the fastest approach is to acquire the smaller / mid sized competitors (which is the norm anyway).

So who’s next? Of the three Modality Giants, only Siemens remains without making similar acquisition, lets see if this will remain the same.

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