320 Slice CT

Toshiba America Medical (TMA) Systems has officially introduced their 320 Slice CT.

Named the AquilionONE Dynamic Volume CT scanner, it is the commercial version of the company’s 256-slice beta project (which I’ve been hearing from the folks at TMA for about 4 years now). Equipped with 320 detector elements, the system scans up to 16 cm in one rotation with 0.5 mm resolution. TMA claims that it uses 80 percent less dose than current-generation scanners, as well as less contrast media per exam and accomplishes a complete heart scan in one rotation with uniform contrast and making reconstruction simple.

Looks like 2008 will be a year of more technology updates as well as workflow improvements for Cardiology 🙂

Note: I updated the post as the AquilionONE introduced is the 320 Slice (the commercial version of the 256 Slice beta).
Thanks to Michael Steward of ketchum.com

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