Time.. I need more time..

A friend of mine asked me whats my secret in freeing up time to blog.

My answer is : “I don’t actually have the time”.

I have a 6 month old baby girl (who I think is very adorable), a spouse who happens to be the mother of a 6 month old baby girl (yup, scary isn’t it), parents who constantly ‘harresses’ me on their grand daughter, ongoing negiotions with my University on how to best complete my Master Degree (thats another story for another time) accounts to balance… house… car… the kitchen sink etc etc etc

“I don’t actually have the time”. Seriously, I don’t.

BUT, I do need to rest my brains once in a while, and since there is always a computer with an Internet connection when I take a break from work, I just login and type something (either that or I write an article, I’m doing one on TeleRadiology now).

Its almost 1 am now (yup, I work crazy hours but then again, who doesn’t) and I’m typing this blog about how I don’t have time to blog 🙂

My point is : Do what you like doing and its never a chore to you


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