Resuming my studies

Guess what mates, I’ve decided to finish my Master Degree.

Thats right, for those who didn’t know, I embarked onto a Master Degree in Computing back in 2003 and was ‘halfway’ through until I met my other half 🙂 The rest was history (dated, got married, spouse got pregnant, change jobs, daughter is born etc etc).

And the good news is, that I have only 60 M level credits outstanding before graduation (I need 180 M levels), while this translate to a fast graduation by taking some ‘fast and easy modules’, I’ve decided not the take the easy way out. I’ve decided to do it the good old fasion way by first taking a “Research Method” module, followed by a thesis on Healthcare Informatcs (if the university allows it).

This is not the end to my academic/knowledge pursuits, there are so much more to learn in life that I already have decided on which few programmes to embark on next. Wish me luck on my studies!

Adam – ‘The Enternal Scholar’

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