RFID in Healthcare: Losing Cables, Making Waves

Two of the main influencing factors for both government and commercial healthcare facilities in adopting healthcare informatics are;

  1. The endeavor of reducing medical errors resulting from failure of proper patient identification/verification;

  2. Improvement in diagnosis reliability, treatment success, and maintaining cost efficiency.

Various research studies have highlighted that inaccurate patient data has become a major factor leading to serious medical mishaps. In addition, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) states that some of the most common medical errors are related to medication delivery. One can imagine the complicacies of unnecessary medical mishaps arising from such factors in addition to the extra hospital-related costs of treating these medical errors and the loss of productivity on a whole.

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The ‘fun’ aspect of my job

As some of you mates know, I’m currently employed as a Product Manager (Cardiology Informatics) for a major Healthcare IT company and besides the ‘things that one usually have to do’, I have two (among many other) additional responsibilities.

1) To keep myself updated with the latest technology developments
2) To write articles for the marketing department.

Ok, granted that point one is something that all technical based professionals should do, it is still kinda cool to have so many vendors coming to me and educating me on their products, the only ‘pity’ is that the knowledge transfer is not indepth but I guess my new job only needs me to have an good overview. 🙂

Now the writing part, my new resolution is to write more frequently and participate more actively in the professional bodies of my choice (which is alot since my professional skillset spans across so many industry/disciplines), writing articles for my company’s marketing newsletter gives me good motivation to produce more contents!

Till my next post.

Busy Schedule

First of all, I apologise for the long period of silence in my blog, I was travelling around the region (attended a conference as well as visited several hospitals in these countries), while the amount of work is insane (which job isn’t), the fulfilment is there.

In addition, I was down with minor food poisoning and gastric flu, that took me out of action for another week, the amount of catching up and emails to reply will most most probably work me till I’m sick again but this is life in the fast lane 🙂