Industry Evangelism – Certifications

I received an email today asking me two questions

1) Do I still provide advice on gaining certifications?
2) Do I still provide advice on IT in general to the public?

The short answer to both questions is ‘Yes’, the long answer is :

While the focus of has shifted mainly to Healthcare Informatics, it is important to note that the underlying backbone to this industry is still IT 🙂

Ok, I must confess, I ‘removed’ the section on IT certifications after revamping the website but thats because I’m supposed to blog about it now.. 🙂

Don’t worry, I have not forgot about it, I rewrote the old section into an FAQ (you can still find it here). Besides, being the first (and only) inductee of the Microsoft Certified Professional Hall of Fame (International) does attract alot of people in seeking advice on Microsoft certifications (among many other interesting things… lol)

In addition, I got some good news. I’ve recently joined the certification committee of CNP – Certified Network Professional, a professional international network designation for Network Information Technology (IT) professionals in the world.

Thats not all, I’m also in the process of spearheading a healthcare informatics certification in Singapore as well as being the country’s Chapter Representative of ETA-I.

So I do dispense advice on Certifications and the IT industry in general, its just that I don’t do it that often anymore on public forums (but I still read the forums of my old pal however, if you have a question, send me an email, I’ll try my best to get back to you (I get tons of emails mates)

Of course, my personal favorite is still Microsoft certifications.

Bring on the questions mates.