Cardiology Informatics

I must say I’ve been pretty lucky, besides being one of the first few in Singapore to have implemented and administrated a Radiology PACS (plus the opportunity of working 4 years directly in a radiology department), I am now getting first hand exposure at Cardiology Informatics while the whole world is just getting introduced to this discipline.

Yup, thats right, my new job with a solution vendor have me working as the Product Manager of their Cardiology Informatics solutions and being a regional role, I will be able to gain excellent exposure and knowledge in this area.

Career wise, this is getting really exciting as I am able to utilise all my experience and knowledge in this new role while gaining additional expertise in yet another exciting area of interest.

However, I wish to emphasis that this blog will focus on all areas relavant to Healthcare IT (and related discipline) although I might occassionally write more on Cardiology Informatics 🙂

Stay tune mates

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