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  1. douglasjohn says:

    For the danger caused by the modality-based equipment linking to PACS, allow me to share with you pals my experience. Once I was in one of the military hospital in the region for application training, it was for an angio system and there was a CPU linked to the system meant for Haemodynamic. After the installation for about 2 months and I went back for a visit, I was bloody shocked that the whole hospital informatic system was attacked. The surprising part was, it was a very embrassing attack as almost all the computers in the hospital, when switch on, a naked woman appears on the screen and showing strip dance. Nose bleeding though! After the investigation, there was a bloody idiot connect the haemodynamic CPU to internet, serve porno site, and download program from the site, together with the virus!
    Just imaging, the CEO of the hospital is a general, the HOD is a colonel, and they were showing striptease when trying to save patient.
    Moral of the story, human error dominates!

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