The Eleventh Hour

Hi there,

The reason why you have been directed to this page is most likely due to the fact that you have attempted (more than once) to schedule a last-minute (non-emergency) meeting.

While I do appreciate your intention to meet up, last-minute invites requires myself to;

  • Push off work on other projects (a practice that I actively avoid as it affects my clients )
  • Spend at least half an hour rescheduling other appointments and to-dos (which adds up to overtime cost, billable hours etc.)
  • In addition, the later I am invited to a meeting, the less time I have to prepare for it

I also understand that you must be trying to discuss something with me but since we can’t meet-up due to schedule conflicts, perhaps you can drop me an email with keys points to kick-start the discussion.

Thanks for your understanding.

Yours Sincerely